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Bill Stockton 2 Jon Tester said. "I am proud of Bill for achieving this recognition, and I want to extend my sincere thanks to Bill and all Montana teachers who work every single day to give our kids the quality education they need to succeed."  Stockton recently embarked on his 14th full year teaching and a majority of that time has been spent in Arlee. He appreciates the “cohesive staff” at the district, from whom he has learned a lot. He also enjoys the smaller classroom sizes that allow for a slimmer student-to-teacher ratio. “I just really enjoy being in a smaller classroom. I feel like it allows me the ability to build relationships a little bit more with my students,” Stockton said. “I think there’s something to be said about the quality of education that we can get when we can build those types of close relationships that are a little bit harder to do in a larger high school.” Arlee School District Superintendent Mike Perry has worked with Stockton for seven years in a variety of roles. Perry said he and the district are “proud and grateful” that Stockton is a part of their community. “Mr.


“This law is there, and it seems to pretty clear and it seems to be gaining ground that this law does in fact apply directly to the vaccine mandates and we really do believe there’s a discrimination part of this law that will protect our members if they seek to get an exemption against the vaccines.” Southwood had COVID-19 last year, and said he decided not to get the vaccine after talking with this doctor about relying on virus antibodies.   He said Chicago’s leadership should focus on crime prevention rather than vaccine mandates for officers who have been on the front lines throughout the pandemic. “At some point along the line we need to get our priorities straight and violent crime to me, certainly as it effects children – and I’m talking children here – is far more of a concern for law enforcement than COVID-19’s effect on children,” Southwood said. Chicago is the FOP’s largest lodge in the state, and it is against Lightfoot’s mandate. The ACLU’s Klafeta says workers relying on the HCRCA is a stretch. “The way this act was written, it was always intended to apply to health care professionals, people who are delivering health care services,” Klafeta said. “What we’re seeing now is a really unprecedented expansion, or attempt to expand, the protections of the law and really turning it on its head.” She thinks this expansion of the right of conscience law will face legal challenges. “It seems like the people who are really these mandates that Gov. Pritzker has issued are relying heavily on this law and I wouldn’t be surprised if they proceed through the court and I think that would be up to the courts to determine how broadly to interpret this,” Klafeta said. “It’s always possible that in the meantime the legislature could come back and amend the law, potentially to narrow some of the terms that people are relying on to bring the law back to its original scope.” The legislature is set to be back in Springfield in late October, so lawmakers would have a chance then. Southwood says there’s a “very good” chance that the browse around this website Chicago FOP may serve as a test case in court. The Illinois State Board of Education, meanwhile, is steadfast.

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